High-Quality, Human-Grade Ingredients Made For More Years Together

Like us, our furry friends deserve the very best quality of life. When we eat better, we live better and allow our pets to enjoy more years with us.

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  • Quality Life for Your Pawmily

    All Harley+Quinns premium products were carefully crafted in small batches; is designed to heal and repair your body from within.

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  • Enhance Your Immune Function

    Protect you and your furry babies against illness and infections.

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  • Made For More Years Together

    Are you a pet pawrent who is passionate about making a healthy change in the pet food industry? ✨🐶🐱✨

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Why harley+quinns?

Pawrents and fur babies deserve to live a quality life, and as our vision for a healthier pawmily evolves, so do we.

Thus, harley+quinns was born.

From the creators of Harley's Home + Kitchen and Quinn's Bakery comes the country's first premium grocer made for pawrents and fur babies' journey towards a life well lived.

Founded on November 2018, the birth of Quinn’s Bakery was actually rooted from when Quinn, the last puppy of our dog, Harley, passed away. What only began as a therapeutic avenue to heal our hearts turned into passion, then a mission — to create mouthwatering cookies handcrafted for the perfect bite.

Harley's, was named after our Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Harley, who suffered skin and gut problems for months. After long nights of research, we found that kefir and goat milk changed it for Harley.

With this, we combined our visionary brands into one to pave our solid mission. This 2022, 
Harley's Home + Kitchen and Quinn's Bakery will now be known as "harley+quinns". We set our mission for the nation: to continue educating new pawrents and help find sustainable solutions for your pawmily for the years to come.

No skimping on quality, and always made with premium ingredients, zero preservatives added, zero artificial substitutes, and zero unpronounceable ingredients.

This is harley+quinns's promise to your pawmily.

Where can I shop for myself?

Glad you asked! Watch out for this space - we're coming to help you with your nutritional needs too, very soon.

Where can I shop for my furry babies?

Visit us at www.harleys.ph to shop now!

Are all your ingredients all-natural?

I want to be part of your visionary team! Is harley+quinns iring?

We are always on the lookout for amazing talents who are not afraid to change the world. Check out our hiriing posts here!

Where can I get in touch with harley+quinns?

lets stay in touch.